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The Many Benefits of Getting a Green Certification for Your Property

Do you have plans of acquiring a green certification for your own property? Do you think it will be worth it? Have you ever considered about what benefits your property will be getting if it will be green-certified? Do you intend to be included in the 79% of property owners who, by the year 2018, are expected to have created their green properties? If all your answers to these questions are yes, then this article will be a great read for you. Here you will find a list of benefits of getting a green certification for your property.

Decreased operating costs: Operating expenses are one of the most common causes of expenses and stress among property owners. Owning a property should not be a cause for stress as it is one of those things that help in shaping your future. Even so, it will still be better for your properties to be capable of reducing your operating costs in order for you to save more of your money. Recent research studies have shown that having green buildings can give you payback after seven to eight years all depending on the renovations or additions that you have done in connection to aesthetics, sustainability, and energy-efficiency. Based on one research study, the operating costs were even shown to decrease as high as 13%. Furthermore, if the property owner decides to put for rent their properties, they will get increased profits by letting the tenants pay for their premium rents in comparison to other properties from competitors that are not green-certified.

Low vacancy rates: One of the most effective ways for property owners to secure their future and the future of their children is to convert their properties to property rentals. And by turning your properties green, you have more chances of having your property rentals always occupied. There are also more chances of your tenants renewing their leases after they have experienced the many benefits of your property going green just after the first month of staying in your property. Recent studies have again shown that green buildings have low vacancy rates. In comparison to buildings that are not green-certified, green-certified buildings have 4% low vacancy rates.

Increased investor interest: In terms of being energy-efficient, green buildings have been shown to always get consistent high scores. These buildings have also been shown to have higher rates of retention among tenants that is why more investors choose to show some interest in them. Once an investor decides to include your property in their portfolio, this could only mean that the company is committed to sustainability. This gives them more credit and score among their shareholders who might come to give some importance in investing in a company that has some social responsibility on their shoulders. Therefore, you have to make sure that your property is green-certified and all of these benefits and more will easily come to your properties in more ways than one. Be sure to get your own legitimate green certification to avoid being associated with the term green washing that some properties are well known for when they claim to be green-certified when in fact they are not.