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The Complete Guide to Packing Your Fragile Items Like the Pros

Moving out is not just physically draining but emotionally draining as well. It always becomes a tiring task all because you have to pack a lot of your things, move them, and then go back to unpacking them all. Of course, not all of your things are hard to pack. You have your clothes and non-delicate things that you can easily put inside boxes. However, what becomes a challenge will have to be your personal fragile items. They are the ones that need all the special consideration that they can get. But worry not, this article will serve as your guide to packing your fragile items like the  real estate pros.

1. Use protective covers.
Fragile items tend to break easily if they will be moving inside of the containers that you have chosen to place them in while moving out. Good thing there are wraps that add a layer of protection to these items of yours that you do not want to get damaged. You can also choose to have old paper materials like newspapers used as wrapping material for these items. Bubble wraps are another great protective cover idea for fragile items. To ensure that your fragile items will not move while inside boxes, you can choose to have old clothes, rugs, and cottons used as fillers. Just be sure to still secure your items with a tape as there are still some that tend to slip. Be generous in using tape. Keep in mind that you are doing this all to secure your fragile items from getting damaged, bending, and breaking.

2. Prepare packing materials ahead of time.
If you are moving out in a hurry, clearly, you do not want to be involved in a packing dilemma where there are still a lot of materials that are missing and you are already ready to box things up. Even if time is of the essence, it always pays if you prepare ahead of time. Make sure that you have prepared packing tapes, scissors, wraps, and quality boxes ahead of time. By doing so, there is no doubt that you can save more of your time while packing.

3. Label boxes with fragile items.
Aside from properly packing and wrapping your things, you have to make sure to keep yourself reminded about the boxes that you have packed that contain your fragile items. The use of a felt market will do to write in clear, bold, and readable size the word ‘fragile’. This will always serve as a good enough reminder.

4. Always remind your movers.
Though having the boxes that contain your fragile items marked with felt market is one way of telling other people to handle these boxes carefully, there are some who may not read them. Even the professional movers need to be reminded which among the boxes that you have prepared contain delicate items or those that are easy to break. It also helps if you are able to tell them ahead of time what items are inside of the boxes for them to be more careful in handling the boxes.

No matter if your fragile items are expensive or if they just have some sentimental value for you, the tips above can surely help you keep them whole and damage-free during the moving process.