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Grow Your Own, Be Sure

Inexpensive Ways to Utilize Your Urban Property

One of the most challenging properties to develop are those found in urban settings. This is because you need to be financially capable and must have set aside a good amount of capital. However, any person who has an empty lot on an urban setting need not spend too much of their money to make the most of their property. This short article will give you some inexpensive ideas and ways to utilize your urban property without draining your pockets.

• Urban gardening
Urban gardening has surprisingly become a trend in this day and age. You should be more than amazed to know that it can only take one single lot to produce a number of vegetables and fruits in your garden. By having even just a few raised beds, you will now be able to grow your choice of greens like arugula and lettuce. You can even plant other larger vegetables as well as tomatoes. Again, just a single lot is enough to provide fresh produce for a bunch of friends and your family, of course. You can even use this empty urban property of yours still as a gardening space but for community gardening. A community garden allows for other people in your neighborhood to plant their choice of product and maintain their very own plots. This allows for every participant in your neighborhood to be given the chance to improve their diet and eat and live healthier with gardening.

• Small house construction
An increasing number of countries seem to have shifted towards living in smaller homes or spaces. With your available urban empty lot, you can have a small house constructed on a trailer chassis. This house should be more than enough to fit in one or two individual adults. But before you construct your own small house, make sure to know your zoning laws as some cities might not allow people to be residing in small houses on wheels. Now, if you are not allowed to have this small house served as a legal residence, you can always make use of your empty lot to have between two and three small houses constructed and be displayed for sale. Interested buyers might take notice and will not have a hard time moving your small homes to areas or trailer parks that do not have very strict zoning laws. In comparison to the construction of typical homes, construction of small homes will not require you a number of permits and certifications.

• Petting zoo
A petting zoo is another popular place to go to among both children and adults wherein children can enjoy playing with animals and the adults can afford some time for themselves. If you have fond memories of these zoos and you have an empty urban lot, you should consider having one. Most laws and regulations within cities allow having a collection of pets that are not livestock in an empty urban lot as long as they are not used for food. Having a petting zoo in your neighborhood can serve as an educational playground for children in your area for them to learn more about the different animals that they seldom see in the city.